To go with this study you have to believe that the samples used in the dataset accurately describe ALL customers all around the world who will buy a book or download a digital piece. Is it true that Bayesian priors on the outcomes measure, which do include number of units sold, are correct in this case? If you want to predict number of units sold by any given piece in the market of consumers for pieces, what would you have to do to make a successful prediction and score big bucks? Is it true or false that the audience for all pieces is the same as the audience for certain pieces? How many pieces must you sell to make big bucks or small bucks? Do you care about units sold? Do we need certain pieces and all pieces? Are these the same things? As a person facing customers who will or will not buy something, I want to know.

We all matter! Code: ALL. A Warren Democrat. A scientist. A poet. A mother. LOVES Bader Ginsburg. Loves McCartney. Is old.Is white.Is LGBTQ.She/her/me.Is woman.

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