Aimea Saul, early internet great: Layers.

When the stories our ancestors told themselves about who they were, what the world consisted of, and their place therein became more important than the humans actually living in the world, Truth, Divinity, and the highest Good were removed from the present and placed somewhere else. No human was allowed to tread in that place, only the Gods or Ideals who replaced humans at the core of their own stories. It was then humans lost their way and created the misery, the suffering, the alienation that requires opiates of various kinds to endure: belief, ownership, hegemony, distractions, traditions, etc….

Humans had been lost for as long as they could remember…for so long that by the end of the 20th century (Common Era) no vestige of truly valuing humans remained, except in the deepest layers of our collective unconscious. Those layers of human reality were the fertile ground out of which many new Dreams of what it could mean to be human arose at the turn of the Third Millenium. The Dream of the Way of the Wanderer and the reverent journey of those People were among those Dreams. These are the Chronicles of those people. They will be shared over the next years. Return. Learn.

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