The Set Hypothesis of Human Mind

For all those living here on Earth, blue among the Stars right now.

What is each individual human’s place on this Earth, a place we are all born into by chance?

What is the place of weevils of all types on this Earth?

What does Earth weather represent?

Why is the molecular content of Earth soil, water, and air important to human agriculture and civilization?

What is it to live homeostatically within the self, the family, the local community, and the larger society?

This is not school. There is no ‘right’ answer to the questions above, there is only what you can come up with to survive and thrive in any given moment with respect to those questions.

In other words, relax and simply consider the world as it exists around you personally, right now.

I am an old white lady born in CE 1956 to US Air Force parents in post-war Britain. I am at the tale (yes, tale not tail) end of the Boomers who many people hate right now. The oldest generation is generally hated by youngers who have to clean up older messes and improve on their products and strategies.

Welcome to being human on planet Earth.

I speak in the manner of olders, while great examples of younger speech are extant throughout cyberspace and in human products and work spheres (i.e, Facebook, Amazon, sports, food, housing, medium dot com, wellness care, illness care, etc.).

Youngers now tend to prefer personal stories to proclamations (a favorite of the current crop of olders).

Here is part of my personal story.

My life is drawing to a close. I am in the final life stage when we descend from dignity and independence to illness and being a burden on youngers, particularly our youngers who we often don’t want to burden. I will talk about my personal experience of this human life stage until I am ready to leave, to wit, when I have been parted with my dignity and independence to a degree I find unacceptable. Yes, funeral expenses are prepaid, and yes I have been discussing this with family and friends for some time now.

But, in the interim, as has been common in past generations, I will speak to the youngers in hopes of aiding their work to survive and thrive. A key piece of knowledge I recommend everyone take seriously is that today’s youngers will be olders someday. Plan for that eventuality. Engineer for it.

Also, I advise youngers to consider our various mental groups (individual [we are each a mind set of one], natal family, local community, work [e.g., scientific, creative, and physical], religion, and other mental activities) as sets. Apply mathematical equations from set theory when considering social, economic, political, and religious datasets and their interpretations for social and bioengineering. For instance, science is a large field of work that does require aspects of creativity usually seen in artists of all types, and artists of all types do employ mental logic as they create, so these two work sets overlap.

In all cases, as in that of olders and youngers, how do sets of individuals overlap in each specific human moment, era, and total human history with respect to all the sets I have mentioned above and all that you can personally document and imagine?

If that sounds like loads of information and a fairytale level of difficulty to achieve, it is.

This is why we need AI, not to rule us, but to allow us to see all the information available to all human minds, then to help us see patterns in that information that will help us survive and thrive in these challenging times of plague, environmental degradation, and social conflict.

Happy Valentines Day, 2 14 2021

Dr. Teresa Hawkes

A Warren Democrat. I am sitting shiva for Justice Ginsberg for a year (September 18, 2020–2021).

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