Underneath the Dome Above, the Keith Wigdor

So, one of the ultra-right-wing people on my FB friends list just posted a meme:

We are in the middle of a civil war right now. Media and the Dems are trying to overthrow the US government.

He believes this.

Wigdor, Ego Identity of Mankind Refuses to Integrate

What are the media and Dems actually doing?

Well, first we have to know which media we are talking about.

Breitbart, ABC/CBS/NBC, Info Wars, CNN, The Federalist, MSNBC, 4-chan, Facebook, FOX, Twitter….who else?

Those are all media. There are many more.

A cursory examination of their output indicates there are two key media ‘camps’ [right and left] and they are at each other’s throats. Each claims the other is fake news.

That could count as a form of civil ‘war’. They are definitely riling up the populace.

Point 1

So, I guess we define war more carefully.

It used to mean people killing each other over land and power,

but now it means strategies to destroy your opponent and take their stuff,

stuff being money, position, property, and power. You don’t have to go full bore and kill Khashoggi, cut his body into pieces, and refuse to give him to his family for a proper Muslim burial…unless you are making a point.

Point 2

Are any of the media listed above trying to overthrow the US government as a result of the putative civil war?

They are in knock-down, no holds barred, vicious attacks on each other and their various proxies. Lies are permitted, as are all types of reality TV marketing and aggressive lifestyles to promote their points and destroy their opponents.

Do I need to provide a link?

So, is there evidence they want to overthrow the US government as it is defined in the Constitution and its amendments?

I am going to guess most Dems are not trying to overthrow the US government. They are an integral part of it and want things to stay the way they were specified in the Constitution. I am a member of most Dems.

Dems often believe the Republicans would like a permanent majority in Congress and SCOTUS, and no one but Republican POTUSES henceforth. Mitch McConnell’s actions in the Senate include stealing a SCOTUS seat. What else? A decade of blocking all legislation but GOP mandates from their corporate owners (yes, Dems have corporate owners too, what’s your point). What else?

Full Stop.

a) is any of that true, b) is any of that false, or c) are the GOP clueless and overcome with a pathological inability to lose anything. Yes, like the Highlander, they have to be the only one. Is it that simple?

If it is true, is that the sort of government specified in the Constitution? One-party rule?

Wigdor, The Aristocrat posesses….

Okay, let’s further specify what we do mean by, ‘overthrow the US government?’

Do we mean, enter the White House, Congress, and SCOTUS and arrest all occupants, then install military rule until the population calms down?

If that is what we mean, I hope the GOP isn’t plotting, but why would they do that? They can just keep working the system until it screams for mercy for as long as they like. They get to have power, attention, money, and position if they just ride this boat wherever it goes. They need the Dems. Who would they oppose if we weren’t here opposing them? How could they win if there is no more contest?

Further, neither party is likely to want war in our streets. It will ruin their cushy lives. Do go watch WWII movies. The History Channel used to be chock full of them. War in the streets sucks for everyone involved.

Okay if not shooting, what?

Do we mean block things the other side is trying to force down our throats by various manipulations and outright crimes abetted by [insert name of villain or villains of your choice] in their quest to acquire all levers of power permanently and usher in the destruction of our civilization as we know it?

Well, that would be both parties, IMHO.

So, why yes, that is what the Dems are trying to do.

But, we also want to block rogue capitalists hellbent for leather to be the last man standing in each of their respective cohorts (finance, owners, marketers, technocrats, supply chains), and I mean the king of the hill. Do go watch the linked film above. It exemplifies a type of competitive mythos that many men are driven by (we all live by a mythos). It is a seductive mythos from a certain point of view, as are all mythoi.

But, I digress.

I concur with my ultra-right-wing friend.

We are in the middle of a civil war. It isn’t a shooting war yet.

All levers of society are in play.

We have no earthly clue how things will play out,

and we have to figure out what to do.

Tough spot.

The inevitable, Keith Wigdor. Are you a hologram?

A Warren Democrat. I am sitting shiva for Justice Ginsberg for a year (September 18, 2020–2021). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiva_(Judaism)#:

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