Out of time

Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.
3 min readSep 25, 2020
Aimea Saul. Out of Time.

We are out of time to change our destructive habits as a race.

It would take at least 10,000 years to retool our minds at the molecular level, which is where mind emerges from, to survive our own limitations. Evolution acts at a very different timescale than individual or group human mind.

Our minds are adapted to abuse and be abused. We have evidence of war society that goes back at least 30,000 years.

To adapt our minds to a novel mind form, rewarding and conditioning for something different (i.e., courage, clarity, and compassion) would take at least that long if there were some force that could MAKE US DO THIS whether we wanted to or not

in order to survive the catastrophe that has been our effect on this planet and its living systems.

How did our minds become adapted to abuse and be abused?


Patriarchy claims only males matter. Only the male who can make his way to the top (there can be only one), gets to say what everyone else does. He always says everyone will be subject to male will (enslaved) or die (might makes right). That is pretty simple, isn’t it? Human mind foundation beliefs must be simple because the human mind isn’t expansive enough to operate from anything else.

We have adapted to conditions of abuse or be abused due to the Life Force that animates the relationship between atoms in this material dimension. It pushes forward at all times. We all feel it. Some of us call this God, some Gaia, some First Principles (physics that leads to chemistry, that united lead to biology).

But due to might makes right, patriarchy, we are simply not able to stop patriarchs in these last days of the destruction of our Earth home; the only home we have in this vast Universe.

If we do not now, nor ever have (our ancestors) submitted to patriarch mind, what are our present options?

We have to work to survive patriarchy. We cannot change it. Those who are adapted to it cannot see outside its prescriptions And they can’t listen. Why? Because if we do not speak to them in the manner they insist on being spoken to, they don’t have to listen, and if you have offended them (so easy to do), they can punish you in any way they wish. They enjoy punishing others. Read their literature to see the adoration they have for terror and torture.

We cannot change them or anything they do. We can only fade into the leaves of time and survive their self-destruction.

The world on the other side of this catastrophe will not be green and fecund. It will be denuded of many plants and animals, hot and destructive to our kind.

That is the price of surviving the might makes right crowd. Might makes right is the ONLY reason patriarchs were able to do the things they have done to those who have opposed them and this planet for as long as we have records. They have become it at the molecular level.

Do not put yourself in a position that allows them to utilize that against you if you wish for survival.

Accept you cannot stop their destructive behaviors and ways of thought.

Only then will you find the path forward. Only then will you know if you have the courage, clarity, and compassion to evolve into a race that is not an evolutionary dead end.

Keith Wigdor, At the Entrance to the Abyss

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