Is War Good for Us?

Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.
4 min readJan 16, 2020

The scholar in the linked story above makes the case that our constant wars were necessary so human society could be properly organized, kept safe, and made rich.




Let’s go through these items one by one and determine if it is true that people are, in general, safe, enriched, and organized?

Are mothers safe? No. Mothers are not supported by society. They are dependent on men who often abuse them and their children. A mother is safe only if the people she needs to help her bear, birth, and raise a child actually help her. If they abuse her in any way, her ability to bear, birth, and successfully raise the child is diminished. The probability a mother and her child will be damaged, maybe even before birth, is high in patriarchal imperalist or slaver cultures, which comprise the preponderance of cultures on Earth.

Are children safe? No. See the above. What kind of life would you predict for a child born to Katherine Middleton, a sex slave in Cambodia, a Floor Manager at Dollar Store versus the Hyatt Regency, a nurse at the local hospital, every random station in life you can imagine for the parents of any given child?

So, some children are safe, some are okay, and some are in dire straits (i.e., trafficked for sex or other pleasures you probably don’t want to know about by those who can afford to buy them or some part of their time).

Are fathers safe? No. They have high rates of death and permanent physical and emotional damage due to their various occupations. How many die homeless in the streets? How many are imprisoned? How many go to war? How many live decent lives as fathers and workers? Some do even better if they are higher up in the chain of command in their local patriarchal units, but they too are worked until they are used up, and then they are discarded (e.g., at war and after war service, or at home, in business or goods and services production).

Are we enriched?

This is a comparison question, so the variables assessed are going to matter greatly. The author of the linked article above compares riches across all unspecified social…



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