The column above was written by a courageous and clear-minded woman, as is this medium article. There are so many issues behind a whole society's abuse of famous, talented, hardworking females of all ages. This woman is one example, Britney Spears is another. How about Megan Markle? How about Whitney Houston? What about Princess Diana? The list goes on. It is true that few people are hated as pathologically as beautiful, accomplished, famous females. This treatment is society's definition of what it is to be female writ large. According to society, females are limited to being sexualized regardless of our age. We are jezebels (this word has been slapped on our current Vice President), entitled whiners whose only real accomplishment is being a sex doll. It purportedly is how we got that job, made loads of cash and obtained the undeserved attention of male supporters, colleagues, and family (yeah?). Our humanity and agency are erased. It really is well past time for all females to throw off this libel, this slander. We can't stop men from treating us this way, but we can stop treating ourselves and each other in this way. I challenge us to do this because this abuse has erased the real worth and accomplishments of half the human race for as long as we have records. I posit this is as existential a crisis for humanity as the 6th mass extinction and dire pollution of all levels of our environment.

A Warren Democrat. I am sitting shiva for Justice Ginsberg for a year (September 18, 2020–2021).

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