Uncharted Motherland, by Aimea the Saul

It feels like I bear within my very cells not only anger and fear related to abuses done to me by individuals and society but anger and fear that goes back all the generations in which my ancestors were also abused by other individuals and society.

What abuse?

  1. Servitude of all kinds. The ancient western world believed slaver and slave were the natural order of things. If this were the case, would slaves always rebel in small and large ways, would they continually endeavor to be free such that their slavers have always had to spend large amounts of money and time to keep them enslaved? Why do the old Abramic traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam)often recommend husbands beat wives to keep them in line if God made women submissive? The naturally submissive have no need for anger or rebellion. They are where they should be. They do as they are told without a second thought. Indeed, women have been bred as well as conditioned to servitude for so long that many of us really are submissive as a dairy cow, yet we suffer depression. A genetic directive somewhere deep inside us constantly pushes us to be free. But in the west freedom has been denied to all society’s members. Even slavers are enslaved by the demands of remaining slaver not-slave. But why does life taunt us with freedom if it isn’t existentially deeply important? Why does incarceration of any kind cause us immense psychological pain, pain so destructive it hurts our bodies, causes immune disorders of various kinds, heart attacks, suicide?
  2. War as the driver of the larger economy, politics, religion, and family relations. What do humans need to survive? Each other, food, water, shelter, education, healthcare, and work to obtain such. How many different ways can we obtain these things? Is it true that ruthless competition is the best way? Regardless of the answers to those questions, humans have used war on all social levels and in all fields of endeavor to obtain not just requirements for survival, but blandishments to our ego, will, and to chase satisfaction of the various kinds of lusts we all experience. War requires disruption and destruction, with winners taking all. The trauma and abuse associated with this approach to life have damaged everyone, including the leaders of war. It would be funny if it wasn’t so destructive.

That’s a lot of trauma and abuse over how many generations?

Genes are used to produce systemwide responses to things that happen to us, which includes our bodies and minds. Abuse has happened for thousands of years to people, in general, living in Western cultures. Other cultures must assess their own histories with respect to abuses suffered by individuals in the entire population, not just favored sub-groups, as the cultures of the west must also do.

This is coming into play forcefully now. We have covered the habitable earth with human settlements that are obliterating other life forms. There are few places left to pillage for resources. There are too many mouths to feed and too many butts to clean up after in terms of humans and our food animals. There is too much competition. Our greeds are as old and entrenched as our anger and fear. Some of us are greedy for the usual (acquisition and the power to acquire). Some of us are greedy for payback, winner take all, solitude, attention, amnesia, peace, equity, love. Some fear one or all of the above.

Our time is running short. Our means to global domination (fossil fuels, sophisticated weapons of war, social control through technology, and capitalism) are killing us. In spite of dreams of Mars, we will not go there at scale anytime soon. We don’t know enough about how DNA worked over hundreds of millennia to construct viable living beings capable of surviving in the present Earth environment. Each main human group and its sub-groups have differing perceptions of what humans are, why we are, what our purpose is, and how to explain our existence not only in the present but into the deep past.

Is it true or false some people and groups are superior to all others and should tell the rest of us what to think, say, and do?

Is it true or false autonomy is our natural state?

Is it true or false we are configured by our DNA legacy to care about each other?

Is it true or false DNA configures us to dominate each other?

Is it true or false we are in an existential crisis?

This may be our last game of chance. Throw the dice of your mind and pick a course of action. You won’t have all the information to make the best choice because none of us do. You won’t know the ultimate outcome of your choices because they will pass down to an infinite number of human generations if we all make the right choices now. All we each can do is the best we have been bred and conditioned to do and hope that works.