Free Speech?

Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.
1 min readJun 26, 2020

Oh gosh, do US people love to blather on about their freedom of speech, as they say Democrats eat babies, conservatives are deplorable, call Mexican folk rapists, tell lies for political gain on Facebook, or shout about not wearing masks while brandishing firearms at duly elected officials.

But if you see dirty deeds done dirt cheap at work, among certain families, or in the rector’s backroom, you will be forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement as the least of the bad things that will happen to you unless you don’t speak.

Our freedom of speech is very contingent on those in control of our lives and what they demand of our speech in any given moment.

My only question is who does permitted speech serve and who does it hurt?

Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.

We all matter! Code: ALL. A Warren Democrat. A scientist. A poet. A mother. LOVES Bader Ginsburg. Loves McCartney. Is old.Is white.Is LGBTQ.She/her/me.Is woman.

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