Equity note: I am an old white Lady who reports stuff from my limited experience on Earth. I invite everyone to leave information in the comments that will make my mind better. Thanks in advance.

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How many of you readers have seen the movie, Pitch Black?

That is one creep-ass movie.

Here are the flash-fiction notes:

Brash human cohort harboring a certifiably evil X-man villain-type prisoner as embodied by Vin Diesel, are transporting said prisoner to prison. They find themselves marooned on a desert planet purely due to bad luck. Their prisoner escapes.

They find this planet’s sun is a…

Aimea Saul, Death.

We can ask the question, why is there birth, aging, and death?

What benefits does that process confer upon living creatures?

Human attitudes toward death as the final stage of the process of living are irrational and fear-based. Also, we think we are the reason the Universe itself exists, so why the insult of death to individuals?

As a neuroscientist, I hypothesize this is because conditions on Earth within which organisms must live are not now, nor have they ever been static. The life process which includes death allows for organisms to change as our external environment changes. …

Aimea Saul, Awaiting the Return of Saturn

Men behave as fetuses in the womb that is the Universe. It owes them everything they want and are able to chase and get. If men don’t get what they want, they can punish anything or anyone they wish in the manner they wish.

Women try to be the Universal womb, but everything is their fault and they are not listened to. They tread water and adapt as best they can. Their choices are severely limited by existential threats set up by men.

We are all particles of mind bouncing around in the container that is our Society.

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Brownian motion is a natural phenomenon described by physicists including Albert Einstein. Particles of various sizes contained within a fixed structure at fixed temperature, pressure, and stimuli bounce off each other in patterns that become random over time.

Human minds are particles of varying sizes that exist within Earth’s environment.

We are constantly jiggled by each other’s motion, and the motion of all other particles that range from quantum to our solar system’s objects at all times.

Each society provides the overall container within which human minds jiggle against each other.

Leaders of all types are large human mind particles…


Dear humans,

This is a simple message for a harsh and terrifying time.

Southern white people in the USA held blacks as slaves and now abuse them, out of revenge for the North’s victory in the Civil War and the subsequent slave emancipation? Many white folks (of northern and southern descent) are also motivated by fear and anger. They object to being shamed for their ancestors’ actions that have propagated hate into the present time.

Men have historically held the mothers of this race as captives and still abuse them for reasons not clear to me as a woman.


Thank you. This is beautiful. It caused me to think about all the powerfully loving men in my own family, especially my father! Sharing widely.

The People’s financial situation is dire.

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Late-stage vampire capitalism is wreaking havoc on our finances.

What is 30–18? that is the difference in the cost of a tank of gas for my 8-gallon fuel tank economy car over the last year. These numbers stick in my mind because due to the pandemic, I only bought four tanks of gas between March 5, 2020, and July 9, 2021.

Quicksand for my paycheck dollars.

Rents and the cost to buy a property are rising as though we are all millionaires and would be willing and able to pay $1,200,000 for a 2 bed 1 bath apartment unit that…

Gosh. The first time a man sexually assaulted me was when I was two. The next time was in kindergarten when a group of boys held me down and stuffed my vagina full of sticks, rocks, and grass. The lady kindergarten teacher punished me for reporting the incident, because that was just the way things were. The third time was when I was 11 and I had a near death experience. The judge in the court case dismissed the rape charges and the near death because he said I was preternaturally seductive. You have no idea what my life has…

You have successfully put pins in the myth-balloons about work that float over most of our heads. I am going to change my life for the better now. Thank you.

This well describes the types of abuses people face as they grow up and then live in our current society and their association with depression and lack of emotional processing. Thank you. Sharing widely.

Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.

A Warren Democrat. I am sitting shiva for Justice Ginsberg for a year (September 18, 2020–2021). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiva_(Judaism)#:

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