What is good for me is not necessarily good for you.

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Scientists say viruses aren’t living creatures, but they evolve just like creatures scientists say are living do.

I will not contest with scientists on this matter because they are guided as much by professional and personal self-interest as the rest of us, they just have to abide by their rules which mitigate some of the effects of their entrenched personal and professional self-interests. However, rules-lawyering and gaming the system among scientists mean loads of time between a challenge to a current interpretation of experimental results and admission that interpretations are correct, flawed, or just plain wrong. …

We are all particles of mind bouncing around in the container that is our Society.

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Image: Pixabay

Brownian motion is a natural phenomenon described by physicists including Albert Einstein. Particles of various sizes contained within a fixed structure at fixed temperature, pressure, and stimuli bounce off each other in patterns that become random over time.

Human minds are particles of varying sizes that exist within Earth’s environment.

We are constantly jiggled by each other’s motion, and the motion of all other particles that range from quantum to our solar system’s objects at all times.

Each society provides the overall container within which human minds jiggle against each other.

Leaders of all types are large human mind particles…

Story of Me

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Me and my wonderful son, Duncan, Oregon Country Fair, c. 2011

I am a Ph.D. in Human Physiology Citizen Scientist writer of peer-reviewed and published scientific papers and a whole host of medium pieces. My original training was in art and art history. I have written reams of poetry and flash science fiction serials I published on early web poetry sites, and on a literary e-Zine I founded, published, and edited (The Oracular Tree, 1997–2007). We published stories from many outstanding authors, with artwork by some of the early web’s innovative artists. I write in a literary style that combines poetry, fiction, history, current events, artwork, and science.


I am…

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Dear humans,

This is a simple message for a harsh and terrifying time.

Southern white people in the USA held blacks as slaves and now abuse them, out of revenge for the North’s victory in the Civil War and the subsequent slave emancipation? Many white folks (of northern and southern descent) are also motivated by fear and anger. They object to being shamed for their ancestors’ actions that have propagated hate into the present time.

Men have historically held the mothers of this race as captives and still abuse them for reasons not clear to me as a woman.



The column above was written by a courageous and clear-minded woman, as is this medium article. There are so many issues behind a whole society's abuse of famous, talented, hardworking females of all ages. This woman is one example, Britney Spears is another. How about Megan Markle? How about Whitney Houston? What about Princess Diana? The list goes on. It is true that few people are hated as pathologically as beautiful, accomplished, famous females. This treatment is society's definition of what it is to be female writ large. According to society, females are limited to being sexualized regardless of…

I am 64. My two life loves are 11 and 9 years younger than I am. IMHO romance outcomes are unique to each couple. I had very different experiences with each of these men. The relationships were nourishing, challenging, and made me a different and better person. So, I agree that age difference effects are dependent on the individuals involved. I also agree artificial social restrictions and taboos about romantic age different couples need to be relaxed and supportive.

For all those living here on Earth, blue among the Stars right now.

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What is each individual human’s place on this Earth, a place we are all born into by chance?

What is the place of weevils of all types on this Earth?

What does Earth weather represent?

Why is the molecular content of Earth soil, water, and air important to human agriculture and civilization?

What is it to live homeostatically within the self, the family, the local community, and the larger society?

This is not school. There is no ‘right’ answer to the questions above, there is only what you can come up with to survive and thrive in any given moment…

for my lover

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Teresa Hawkes, selfie

when a mind enters a mind —

white stars swirling into the midst of raging water

over a calm seabed

for instance —

it doesn’t matter

who did the entering,

man or woman.

our power inflates into tongues of thought


or opens into hollows embracing

each other.

deep in our hollows,

where stars meet water

idea seeds are sown

among emotions merging.

you enter me


from upwind,

sailing down my passion for writing’s

tendency to lift me beyond

conscious techniques for thought arrangements,

plunge me into everything I can’t wait to know

just before one pristine moment


Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.

A Warren Democrat. I am sitting shiva for Justice Ginsberg for a year (September 18, 2020–2021). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiva_(Judaism)#:

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