Photo Poetry From Another Age

Dorothea Lange Screenshot 9 24 22. Teresa D Hawkes, Screenshot Archives

wipe the window clean

with stark language of light and dark,

take us to the edge now.

do we want to know

what you knew,

feel what you saw

as you suspend us among

swiftly-lost moments,

neither pathetic nor heroic,

merely showing how

the weight of the world

bears down…



Sideism. It is everyone against the liberals. It never occurs that this is a lie. Both sides in the USA and indeed the world are for capitalism all the way. Make money at all costs. This has gone back into the dim past we cannot read about. Words fail us there. This article keeps this going. It keeps division going. Hate someone. Do it today. They are the source of all your problems. Get rid of them and you will be fine. A lie. This lie will keep you in chains.



Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.

Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.

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