Aimea Saul, Forbidden Fruit

What is considered a spiritual experience by the ‘authorities’? These are varied from authority to authority. There are those who consider that the ‘definitions’ and ‘stories’ of such experiences are unique to each individual and thought tradition. Experience and thought tradition can obscure the fact that such experiences are all pointing at the same thing. Of course, definitions have great power when trying to talk about and test spiritual experiences or any aspect of such. This suggests that like most ‘things’ in our minds, our personal experiences shape our definitions and experiences of anything mental. Sounds circular. Probably is.


We are all particles of mind bouncing around in the container that is our Society.

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Brownian motion is a natural phenomenon described by physicists including Albert Einstein. Particles of various sizes contained within a fixed structure at fixed temperature, pressure, and stimuli bounce off each other in patterns that become random over time.

Human minds are particles of varying sizes that exist within Earth’s environment.

We are constantly jiggled by each other’s motion, and the motion of all other particles that range from quantum to our solar system’s objects at all times.

Each society provides the overall container within which human minds jiggle against each other.

Leaders of all types are large human mind particles…

Story of Me

Me and my wonderful son, Duncan, Oregon Country Fair, c. 2011

I am a Ph.D. in Human Physiology Citizen Scientist writer of peer-reviewed and published scientific papers and a whole host of medium pieces. My original training was in art and art history. I have written reams of poetry and flash science fiction serials I published on early web poetry sites, and on a literary e-Zine I founded, published, and edited (The Oracular Tree, 1997–2007). We published stories from many outstanding authors, with artwork by some of the early web’s innovative artists. I write in a literary style that combines poetry, fiction, history, current events, artwork, and science.


I am…

Dear humans,

This is a simple message for a harsh and terrifying time.

Southern white people in the USA held blacks as slaves and now abuse them, out of revenge for the North’s victory in the Civil War and the subsequent slave emancipation? Many white folks (of northern and southern descent) are also motivated by fear and anger. They object to being shamed for their ancestors’ actions that have propagated hate into the present time.

Men have historically held the mothers of this race as captives and still abuse them for reasons not clear to me as a woman.


Thank you for this. I have used that phrase in all these ways, and probably more if I think about. Great phrase!

This is very helpful, and I feel it applies to work, family, and friend relationships as well as love relationships. Again, thanks!

Sex is for reproduction, even though humans do it for many different reasons than that. In the midst of all the battles over who is going to deal with any child that is the result of any given sex act, the child is almost an after thought, whether she or he is wanted or not. Children are the future of our race, and they have been reduced to an afterthought for thousands of years now. If they are nurtured or not is not the business of society, but is considered to be the business of their mother alone. This has…

This is the best argument against marriage that I have seen in my lifetime. Let's.Get.Rid.Of.Marriage! It means a woman becomes a slave to the husband. No.Thanks.

One word: Amway. When I was in my early 20's and early 30's I gave Amway shots. The promotions for Amway are the precursors to the scripts promoters of Medium use: large promises of loads of cash if you just master the formula. This is a pyramid scheme. Those who get there first in such situations do well, but no one else really does. How many writers out of all medium writers make a decent living just from writing for medium? How many Amway merchants out of all Amway merchants make a decent living just from selling Amway products? Medium…

Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.

A Warren Democrat. I am sitting shiva for Justice Ginsberg for a year (September 18, 2020–2021).

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